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Variable data printing is a personalized way to convey to your customers who you are, what you offer and why they need you and you can do it in a variety of formats. Call it personalized printing, personalized publishing, customized printing, on-demand printing or even 1:1 publishing. It’s whatever you want to do on a larger scale than you ever thought possible.

Getting Started

The customized printing of your documents begins at Kwik Kopy. Marketing studies show personalized communications can boost effectiveness and response rates by as much as 30 percent. You want to become part of the fastest growing part of the digital printing world.

How it Works

Advanced digital technology is used to vary one or more elements in a printed piece during the course of the print run. It doesn’t matter if it’s in full color or black and white, a graphically rich customized product can be created.

What You Can Do

Variable data printing goes far beyond printing different names and addresses on a letter or product. You can use photos, charts, varied text, logos and other images to create attractive, highly personalized products that will bring maximum impact and marketplace returns you desire.

The Details

Successful variable data printing programs merge print expertise with database know-how, graphic design and marketing savvy:

  • Customer targeting: Kwik Kopy helps you create a fine-tuned list with demographics you want to target.
  • Follow-through: Graphic designers create a general template with your company’s information. Then text and images are added to make each client on your list feel as if a personalized communication is coming from you to them.
  • Results: Expect higher returns just because it’s a one-on-one product.
  • Advantages: Also expect a higher return on your investment because you not only can send out fewer pieces but you get a better response than in a typical marketing campaign.

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Learn more about how variable data printing can improve your response rates, decrease your spending and create a stronger bottom line for your business with more success in the future. Contact a Kwik Kopy sales professional today.